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We will meet to discuss your objectives, conduct an assessment, & develop a plan that will get you to your end goal.

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JCA Fitness & Style is an NYC-based health & fitness consultancy that offers CORPORATE GROUP FITNESS TRAINING and PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING at a company site, resident gym or home. The goal is to ensure individuals and teams achieve the physique and well-being that they deserve. JCA guides its clients through every step with one-on-one attention and adherence to form and increasing difficulty. You deserve the best by your side.


  • Group Training

    JCA offers businesses the opportunity to support employee health and wellness through group classes that are offered onsite or at a pre-determined location. JCA follows a holistic approach when developing classes for all levels, that combines core strength, yoga stretching, interval training, and a meditational cool-down into 1-hour sessions. The objective is to condition the muscles that are used in daily activities, including legs, shoulders, chest and back, to ensure that participants gradually improve their overall, body strength as a whole. This is a great way for a business to support the well-being of its employee base.
  • Weight Loss & Nutrition

    JCA will educate you on the pros and cons of various weight loss programs, and ensure that you are well versed in the nuances of establishing a healthy way of life. He can recommend trusted nutrition specialists that will provide sound advice relative to reaching your objectives. Most importantly, you will not be left without support. JCA will follow-up with you regularly to give you the encouragement and guidance needed to adhere to your regiment.
  • Strength & Conditioning

    JCA will design a customized strength & conditioning program for you that is geared specifically toward improving your strength, muscle, leanness, and physique. He will utilize resistance training, aerobic fitness, flexibility exercises, as well as a range of free weights, and will motivate you to meet your objectives during the process. After all, irrelevant of guidance, only motivation and action will get you to your end goal!
  • Sports Specific Training

    JCA will build a customized program for you that will focus on specific athletic improvements in targeted areas. Such improvements may include speed, agility, power, and flexibility. Additionally, a customized program is not enough for an athlete; the athlete must know HOW to properly perform certain exercises in order to prevent injury; JCA can provide you with this essential knowledge.
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness

    JCA will educate you on how to safely and effectively perform exercise, and will create a program tailored specifically for you. And, of course, he will be by your side to both coach and motivate you.

Meet the Founder

Juan Carlos Alvarez, JCA Fitness & Image Consultant, lose weight
Juan Carlos Alvarez


Juan Carlos Alvarez is an excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and making the workout fun. The workout is different every time and so I never get bored and I am always motivated to push myself. He takes a genuine interest and focuses in my overall health. I am always learning something from Juan Carlos.  I can say for sure — I see results every time.

Martin Shanker, CEO, Shanker Inc.

Tips for You

Diet Tips

If you are trying to stay lean and build muscle, I have great diet tips for you! I believe that if you follow this menu for two weeks, you will already feel an incredible difference with more energy and endurance than before. It is imperative that you view your body as a machine...
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Tips To Burn Calories While Working

If your goal is to burn calories and become leaner, here are a few tips I practice consistently. Sit less, move more. Elevate your computer and keypad to stand while working Pace back and forth while you are on the phone Walk to and from work if you can Walk your dog twice a day...

Fitness Exercises From Home

Recently, I had a micro derma peel done and I was unable to go to the gym because my face looked a bit red.  In reality, I was hesitant to go just about anywhere right after, which is what got me thinking more about having a solid workout at home. Here are  a few tips on how you...